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Are dental implants possible for anyone?

For most healthy patients, dental implants provide an excellent and reliable solution for missing teeth. You must be healthy enough for dental implants because they do require surgery. A full exam will help Dr. McGee determine if you have enough bone to support dental implants. He will also review your medications and medical history to rule out any complications.

Oral conditions, such as periodontal disease and decay, must be treated before placing implants. This eliminates active infections and reduces bacteria in the mouth making it a safe environment for surgery.

Dental implants require a few steps to complete. Therefore, they are not an instant fix.

Once Dr. McGee places the implant post in the jawbone, we allow time for osseointegration to occur. Osseointegration allows the dental implant and your bone to fuse together. We can arrange for a temporary tooth-replacement to fill the gap in your smile in the meantime.

This is why dental implants are so effective at replacing missing teeth. They are stable and can last a lifetime when you take care of them properly.

Once your bone and implant integrate, we will place a custom dental implant crown on your implant to restore chewing function and your appearance. 

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