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How do I know if I need a root canal?

We always recommend that you contact our Nashville dental office and arrange an appointment with Dr. Matt McGee to determine the cause of your pain or symptoms. While we cannot make a diagnosis without an exam, a few signs point to needing root canal therapy.

Inflammation (Swelling)

Swelling indicates the presence of an infection or trauma and can accompany an infected nerve. Inflammation can occur near the tooth, on the gums, or even in the face. Infected teeth are particularly dangerous to your health because bacteria move freely through the bloodstream.

Sensitivity to Cold and Hot

Sensitive teeth may indicate an infected nerve, especially if they are sensitive to hot liquids or foods. Infections are often irritated with heat. Cold foods and beverages can cause sensitivity for many reasons, but you should still have a check-up.

Pain with Pressure

Does it hurt to chew? Pain with pressure could indicate the need for a crown or root canal treatment. We will give you a proper diagnosis once Dr. McGee takes a look and an x-ray.

A Bump on the Gums

A bump on the gums, especially one that looks like a pimple, can indicate a fistula. A fistula is a drainage point that the body develops to relieve pressure from an infection.

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