Dental Exams and Cleanings in Nashville

What to Expect at Your First Exam

A thorough dental exam is essential to creating a plan for optimum dental health. Our dental office begins each relationship with our patients by conducting a comprehensive exam. At your first dental cleaning, we will examine all your teeth to check for cavities, cracked teeth, and we also will evaluate your existing dental fillings, crowns, bridges, as well as any other dental work to make sure that they are intact and are not breaking down.

Digital X-Rays – A Safe Choice

We take your safety seriously. With that in mind, our office only uses digital x-rays. This allows us to use the minimum amount of radiation to perform our exams. The amount of radiation that you receive with a dental x-ray is the equivalent of eating a couple of bananas. It’s very minimal. Digital dental x-rays also allow us to detect cavities or other dental problems at an earlier stage because the digital dental x-rays are more accurate than conventional x-rays.

Improving Your Care with Modern Technology

Additionally, our office uses a small camera to take close up pictures of your teeth.  These photos are beneficial because they allow us to show you what we see when we look at your teeth and gums. It also can create a close-up view of fillings, crowns, and teeth so it’s easier for us to detect micro fractures that may allow bacteria to leak under fillings and crowns.

Another technology we use in our comprehensive dental exams is a laser. This dental laser can aid in the detection of cavities by shining a light into the tooth to measure the density of the tooth. I many cases it is more accurate than using an instrument to detect cavities.

Healthy Gums for a Healthy Smile

No dental exam would be complete without evaluating gum tissue. Your gums and bone are what keep all of your teeth stable, and our office believes that periodontal (gum) health is the foundation of oral health. During your dental cleaning visit, one of our dental hygienists will measure your gum tissue to check for any pockets of infection in the gum tissue and around your teeth.
Our dental hygienists will remove the plaque and tartar buildup around your teeth using ultrasonic instruments. This technology will result in a more accurate and comfortable dental cleaning, and many of our patients tell us that their teeth have never felt cleaner.

Life-Saving Oral Cancer Screenings

In addition to evaluating teeth and gums, we also check the health of other areas of your mouth. Approximately 49,000 Americans each year are diagnosed with oral cancer. Only a little more than half of those individuals survive more than five years. These numbers are something that our dentist takes seriously, so as a part of every dental examination we perform an oral cancer screening. It quick and easy, and it may save a life.

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