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Periodontal (Gum) Treatments

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over half of the people over the age of 30 in this country have some form of gum disease, also known as periodontitis. That is over 64 million Americans that are affected by this disease. Even more concerning is that studies are now showing a connection between gum disease and serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, just to name a few.

Identifying and Treating Gum Disease

Dr. Matt McGee and his staff take gum disease very seriously, and as such, we are dedicated to diagnosing and treating periodontitis as early as possible. As part of your exams at our office, Dr. McGee and our dental hygienists will perform diagnostic tests such as measuring your gum tissue for pockets of infection, dental x-rays, a visual assessment of your mouth, and evaluation of bleeding gum tissue. This will allow our dental team to develop the best treatment for you.
It is important to have an examination to check for gum disease because this disease often does not present symptoms until it is very advanced. Dr. McGee and our dental hygienists are skilled at early detection and treatment of periodontitis.

Healthy Gums = A Healthy Mouth

At Dr. Matt McGee Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that healthy gum tissue is the foundation of overall good dental health. Without healthy gums and bones to support the teeth, even the best dental work will ultimately fail.

A precursor of gum disease is known as gingivitis. This condition is marked by inflammation of the gum tissue that has not spread to the underlying jawbone. Once the disease process progresses from the gum tissue into the jawbone, it is known as periodontitis. The gum disease condition becomes more advanced and difficult to treat at this point, and without treatment can lead to loosening of the teeth and even tooth loss. One of the primary goals of Dr. McGee and his staff is to detect gum disease early and treat it conservatively in a non-surgical manner.

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If you are concerned about gum disease, or if you have any symptoms such as loose teeth, receding gums, bad breath, or bleeding gums, please contact Dr. McGee’s Nashville dental office to schedule an appointment to assess your risk for gum disease.

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